Note from Jim… (April 2018)

2nd April 2018

Easter is the greatest feast of the Christian year, when we celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He has shown us how deeply He loves us in His passion and crucifixion, at His resurrection He gifts us eternal life and leads us to God our creator. Christ only demands that we love God and share His love and compassion with all people.

We grow in our discipleship through private prayer and communal worship which supports us as we walk, with Christ, through our community, sharing His joy and being there for any who are in need. Each of us makes up the Church of Christ and our buildings are not only our family meeting place but also an oasis for any who are in need and for those who seek to grow closer to Christ.

And here it comes, you guessed it, a plea for money…

Like our own homes, we sometimes have to look at repairs and replacement. This year we will be refurbishing the vestry – the room, not the people! We have also received a number of enquiries related to weddings and use of the hall which has led us to realise that the chairs in the hall are not really suitable to be used as extra seating in the church. We are looking to replace our present chairs with something more suitable, and more comfortable. The type of chair being considered is pictured in our magazine.

We are looking at several fund-raising events beginning with a Gift Day and while begging for generosity I am also acutely aware that all of our congregation and friends give very generously of their prayers, their time and materially. If you can help with our fund raising that will be wonderful, if you feel you can’t help on this occasion, don’t worry, your already generous contributions are much appreciated and highly valued.

Wishing you a joy filled and blessed Easter.