Regular Services

Note: Only Sunday services are currently scheduled to take place in church. See calendar for information of services. (April 2021)

Sunday at 11.15 am

This is our main service of the week when most people attend. This is usually a service of Holy Communion (a service of thanksgiving with the sharing of bread and wine) led by our priest. It is structured in a traditional way with prayers, Bible readings, preaching, Holy Communion and the singing of hymns. The service usually lasts just over an hour. Coffee and tea is available at the back of the church following the service and is a great opportunity to have a chat.

Once a month we have a Service of the Word, which is a similar service but more informal and without Holy Communion. The type of Sunday services coming up are shown on the calendar.

Thursday at 10am

The midweek service is a service of Holy Communion in the church. It is a quieter and more reflective service than on a Sunday with a smaller group attending. This is followed by tea and coffee and usually a study group.

Monthly Service in Girvan

The town of Girvan is an important part of the mission and ministry of St Oswald’s and a monthly service of Holy Communion started in March 2017, led by the Rev Jim Geen. This is a short and informal service with prayers, Bible readings and Holy Communion, followed by refreshments. This service currently takes place in the home of a member of the congregation on the first Wednesday of each month at 1.30pm. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jim.