St Oswald’s moves to independent ministry

3rd July 2017

We all knew it was going to happen, and now it has. Bishop Gregor has licensed Revd Jim Geen as interim Priest-in-Charge at St Oswald’s, in accordance with the provision of Canon 13:9 “to fulfil all the duties which would normally be fulfilled by the Rector.” Jim’s appointment means the start of a new, independent ministry for St Oswald’s, to include Girvan and the surrounding area which, formerly, was St John’s parish.

Rev Jim Geen, Priest-in-Charge

This development is part of our on-going journey of Mission Action Planning (MAPing) in accordance with the Diocesan Strategy for Growth. Over the past four years MAPing has made us think about and reflect on why we are here and how everything we do fits into a pattern of mission and ministry. Moving forward as an independent congregation is a life changing event for our congregation, affirming our faith and providing us with a vision for the future of the Scottish Episcopal Church in the southern part of Ayrshire.

With a new beginning there is also an end, and here we come to the end of St Oswald’s link with Holy Trinity. Over the past 20+ years we have shared clergy, sometimes a clergy team and sometimes just a Rector. We are particularly grateful to the Worship Leaders and Eucharistic Assistants who have come to help at St Oswald’s over the years before we had our own authorised lay ministers and also to Andrew and Archie Thom for their support at the organ from the time we no longer had an organist.

Since 2001 we have also shared a magazine, but this new venture means that this will be the final shared issue. Many thanks to Susi for editing SATNav this past year. While we will no longer be sharing a clergy team I am sure the friendships forged over the years between our two congregations will continue.

Marilyn Pope
St Oswald’s Vestry Secretary